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Sumie is a very nice place

It is a great beach in a very scenic location in the Nippō Kaigan Quasi-National Park. There are accommodations, a multipurpose plaza, a tennis court, a putter golf course, an aquarium, and Sumie Beach Forest, centering on Sumie Beach.

Among them, the beach forest Sumie has large slides and grass slides that are very popular with children, so you can relax and play in the great outdoors.

In addition, there are many great points for sea fishing, and it is also a popular place for Taiko.

You can also enjoy bird watching by walking along the promenade.

In azure, we are preparing various things so that you can fully enjoy it.


What you can experience at


  • Float

  • SUP

  • Dog leash hook

  • Foot wash area


  • Tourist attraction net experience

  • A ship to experience the sea of ​​Sumie

  • A little-known point taught by fishermen


What you can experience at

* Sumie Family Village refers to the surrounding playground equipment and the entire facility.


  • Sumie beach

  • Souvenir shop

  • Auto campsite

  • Multipurpose open space

  • Tennis court

  • Putter golf course

  • Aquarium

  • Beach Forest Sumie


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