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Minshuku Azure is located on the calm seaside of Sumiemachi, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

When you leave the inn, you will find an excellent location in front of you, the sea.

Take a leisurely walk in the sunlight through the trees in spring

Play with tourists in summer

Watch the dusk over the mountains in autumn

Look at the starry sky in winter

The inn where you can stay with such nature is azure.

The inn boasts the seafood that it picks up on its own set net and the home feeling of a good old inn.

It seems to be anywhere in Japan, which hasn't changed since my father's generation.

I'm starting to lose experience now.

Please enjoy such a space.



The tradition that the guest house azure cherishes and the atmosphere of the shop are posted.



We accept meals and charter services from here.



Introducing the surrounding environment of Sumie and rental tools.

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